JB appletv (Black) but when it boots its stuck on Language selection


i got 3 apple tv (blacks) and i managed to jailbrake 2 of them without any problems but my 3rd one is giving serious problems

i jailbroke it and plugged it in (same as other 2) and it starts with a slow blinking LED then the LED starts flashing really fast then after about 1 - 2 minutes shows the langauge selection screen where i cannot operate the menu with the remote

i tried all the pairing and unpairing solution and none seem to work ( i also checked with the other remotes to make sure i have the right one)

and still nothing

i then tried to restore to factory defaults using itunes but i still get the same problem

eventually the apple tv does go into screen saver so i don't theink the apple tv is frozen


anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?



How do you have it connected to the network?   I have seen apparent freezes when the ATV2 cannot establish a network connection.   I find it is best to start with a wired network and only switch to wireless (if at all) at a later stage.

been trying with a wired connection and without

but no luck on either

sorry another addon

one thing i get when it starts up is a voice saying if i would like voice over to operate the apple tv i must press the little round button on the bottom of my apple remote 3 times and it keeps repeating every 30 seconds

i didn't get this on the other 2

Does the light on the front of the AppleTV blink when pressing a button the remote?

You may try unpairing the remote as described here.

the LED does flash when pressing a button (it flashes when a button is pushed on any apple remote pointing in its direction)

i have tried the un-pairing and pairing procedures many times with no progress

i have also tried different remotes

the remote does work when putting it in DFU mode and restarting the ATV (menu + down) when it is at the language screen


i also don't get a beeping sound when i press a button

and it doesn't come out of screen saver if the screen saver comes on