@James.............Windows version

Are Firecore actively working on a windows version of seasonpass? If so, how long before a release?

I’ll second that??? I’m going to give FireCore the benefit of the doubt but having said that…wish they could get it together…I’m begining to loose confidence!

It is something we're working towards and hope to have available soon.

Unfortunately there is currently no ETA.

What does ‘working towards’ actually mean? Has a windows version even been started? You give the impression that windows users are being left out in the cold. You managed to get a version of the ATVFlash software for windows users up and running to get the money for the software off them, but you don’t really give a damn of sorting a way to help implement it like you have done for Mac users with Seasonpass. Do you not think it fair to make a ‘Before you download and PAY for this beta software’ link on you main page for both PC and Mac users so everyone fully understands what stage your software is at BEFORE paying for it. From reading posts on you site I think it would be fair to say that at least 70% of your customers are not satisfied with what’s happening.

Yes, work on the Windows version is already underway. Since many of components used in the Mac version are not Windows compatible, alternates need to be used.

Finding, implementing and testing these components takes time - and that is why the Mac version was able to be released first.

Guys please learn to have some patience. I am not tech expert and bought ATV 2G two days back and later found its not available on windows. I understand they should always mention this clearly in bold. As long as they are coming up with Windows version in 2-3 weeks, it should be all good. We have been waiting for months and few weeks wont kill us.

Then why are you charging everyone for something that don't work and keep giving broken promises?

IMO: You should remove all links for both mac/windows until you get it right.

It's only fair to everyone.

Also make the bata free if you do deciced to leave the links for download.


BTW: It's not that hard to do.

I been hacking this kind of stuff for years.

I have the code to JB this thing for both mac/windows.

It only took me four days to hack.

Works great and no bugs.


SO!! if i can do it? Whats the problem guys??

The beta phase is actually available for free - in a way. Below is an excerpt taken from the FAQs page.

Does my license expire 1 year from the pre-order date, or the final release date?
Once the final version of aTV Flash (black) is released we'll be resetting the 'clocks' to start from that day. The extra time during the beta phase is added as a free bonus. You can also purchase extended years of support at a discount during the checkout process.