James or any other moderator, what the hell has happened to windows seasonpass? There has been no updates, no posts to let windows users know what’s happening, in fact not many moderator replies on any subject in the forums at all. Can you please give us a no-bull**** honest reply as to when the windows version of seasonpass is going to be available, and how the testing is going? Also what does the error code 8.100 mean when me and countless other users are experiencing when trying to install ATVflash on a jailbroken ATV 2. If you take the time to read through the posts you will see that many users are experiencing the same problem.

OK - first - read the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netiquette !
After that - you’ll know that Capital letters in a title is like screaming and considered as rude. You will most probably only get answers from people knowing how to handle kids from kindergarden if they are in the mood of doing so…

I - for myself - will not answer to your request in this form.
In other words:

You want an Answer ? BE POLITE !

@Smurphy…I know exactly what I was writing in the title of my post, how I was writing it, and just to let you know i fully understand internet etiquette. I take it your not a windows user then? Or you have managed to get your ATV up and running with ATVflash. We have paid our money just like everyone else and we are sick of being kept in the dark. As for ‘kindergarten’ I’m probably twice your age, and if you have nothing constructive to add to my post then just button it, and don’t even bother wasting your time trying to be sarcastic you tosser.

Windows systems are suitable for gaming only.
You want to work ? use a real OS.
You want to Multimedia ? use apple …

Yeah right mate, get a grip. Windows is only suitable for gaming only…that’s why it’s the worlds biggest operating system. Anyway you’re going off topic, I’m not here to discuss which operating system is good for what. The thread is intended for a mod not for someone who doesn’t know what I’m talking about. As I said before, if you have nothing positive to add, then don’t hijack posts.

A handful of issues discovered during Seas0nPass for Windows pre-beta are being addressed, and a public version will be available soon.

Also, we're aware of 8100 errors some users are seeing with the installer, and a fix will be out shortly.

Like always just another generic reply.

IMO: fire the dev team you have now and hire the GP team.

At least they know what there doing.

@Nuworld…Your right there matey, they never ever give a straight answer. I had to return my ATV yesterday as it totally fuc*ed up after trying to install ATVflash. The GP worked fine but after trying to install ATVflash and getting the 8.100 error, I plugged in the HDMI lead and all there was onscreen was the iTunes and cable logo to restore. I connected it via USB to my pc but the pc nor iTunes could see it. I tried it on my bedroom pc and laptop but no joy, was stuck in restore and there was nothing I could do with it. I tried 4 different mini USB cables thinking that may have been the problem but still no joy. So took it back to my local Apple store and told them it was stuck in restore and they exchanged it no questions asked.

Yep!! Not only do they not give us an stright answer.

But now they are making bricks and tons of them.


Now for the bad news.

Once AGAIN!!! and AGAIN!!! they (Firecore) stuck it to the windows users ass again just today.



I'm done with these crooks and liers.

I'm going with GP.

At least it works and they will reply to questions in there forums.

Firecore needs to take some in lessons human resorces and learn how to use the reply button.

These guys are a bunch of asses.

I'm out of here, Going over to the GP forum.

Thinking ATVFlash is for the NEW USER ONLY, and only after it is running well after the first six months.  Beta testers fixers are going to have problems.

As example go and try to find the information you need to set up an APPLE TV V1.  You will find that the information is spread across many web sites between XBMC and several other obscure web site areas.  The ATVFlash folks have all the information here in several forums of discussions.


Could they improve here?  Yes.  A lot. 


Just a little more let downs for the windows users.

@firecore can I stream avi, video_ts and mp4 from my mac to the atvflash black? about 8 hours ago via web
@ruggedandraw Soon yes...that's the top thing we're currently working on. 33 minutes ago via web in reply to ruggedandraw

I signed up for the beta test for windows seasonpass and received on Wednesday. Used it yesterday and worked perfectly as did the ATV 2 beta. I’m no tech but I could do it. Now able to surf the net from my Sony Bravia - very impressed :slight_smile:

Is the WINDOWS version of ATVFlash Seasonpass available for endusers yet?  Or is only the MAC iOS version available?


The Windows version of Seas0nPass was released today!


Could you please tell me what "GP" is?