James, did you fix something? Plex working again!

I’ve been struggling off and on with Plex for some time now and had all but abandoned it on my ATV2, instead preferring Infuse… but the problem with that was that if I had to reinstall for some reason, Infuse never remembered where I was at. Thats probably the one advantage that Plex has over Infuse, for me: Plex everywhere knows what you were doing and where you were up to in any given movie or show…

In the meantime, I’ve done two things (got a Samsung smart hub DVD player and acquired an aTV3 which is OpenPlexed) neither of which seems to have been necessary now. I’ve just a short time ago re-jailbroken my aTV2 on 5.0.2 thinking I would have one last attempt to get Plex to work before I restore and send it to ebay… and darnit, if it doesnt work perfectly! I am so pleased. I know the old Plex plugin isnt being supported anymore, and thats a shame… but I am still happy, nonetheless, to have it all functioning again.

PlexConnect/OpenPlex are great, but slow. So is the Samsung. Plex plugin is nice and snappy.

FYI, I did nothing fancy, and I am running the latest PMS which was previously giving problems. Oh yeah, I have not installed anything else… only Plex. Latest SP and latest aTVFlash[Black]. All good.

Please don’t ask what I did, because there was absolutely nothing except a standard jailbreak and FC install. All I can say is “try again”. Not selling mine now :slight_smile:

I’m guessing the complete lack of response means James would prefer that we did not use Plex any more. Sorry mate, its the only uncomplicated app I have which keeps all my viewing in sync. I detest XBMC/Kodi, just don’t get it at all. I would use Infuse, if there was a way to sync between devices, but there isnt. So its Plex all the way for me.


I believe the lack of response was because it was covered in other threads.