3.3.2 update and jaman is missing…wow, Jaman is THE most stable part of ATV…

Same with Sapphire. :frowning:

Jaman, ATV Files and Sapphire are not yet available for the 2.2 Apple TV software.

New, compatible versions should be available soon and they then will be added back in to the aTV Flash package.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I’m new to aTV flash and had hoped to get the Jaman integration when I made my purchase yesterday.

Is there a timeline for Jaman and the next release?



We’ve been in contact with Jaman, and they hope to have a new version available shortly. Unfortunately they didn’t give an exact date.

Jaman has been re-added to the aTV Flash package. Current users can utilize Jaman by installing the 3.3.3 version.

No, that is not possible. The new version also includes other updates, and bug fixes so you are better off doing a full update.

I just installed 3.3.3 (upgraded from 3.3.2 and 3.3.1) and the Jaman movies that sync to the aTV don’t play now

I installed 3.3.3 after doing a factory restore and upgrade to 2.2 and Jaman has worked fine (so far).

I tried the factory restore, update and patchstick but my rented movies sync, show but wont play - blank screen. A permissions or symlink issue?

Hi there,

I had to factory-restore my AppleTV a couple of weeks ago. Then when I tried to move a Jaman movie over to it, the Jaman player on my Mac barfed because the sync relationship that’d been setup on the AppleTV’s previous incarnation was no longer recognised. Unfortunately the movie I was trying to move over ‘disappeared’ from my Jaman library but didn’t get transferred to the AppleTV.

I’ve noitified Jaman about this, but they’ve not responded yet.

To avoid this apparent problem, you need to manually delete the sync relationship in the Jaman Player on your computer, then re-establish it to your AppleTV’s new incarnation first, before trying to transfer movies.

If i get any meaningful response form Jaman about this I’ll post it…


I can confirm this as well. I lost three movies before I got my setup completed.


i emailed them immediately, but they took over a month to acknowledge receipt and then a week to credit me with 1 Movie Ticket.

unfortunately by the time they’d done that i’d googled them and was disappointed to find out two of their senior execs are convicted fraudsters, and appear to be engaging in fraud again by paying only a small fraction of the royalties due to (at least) one independent film maker/publisher (who’d asked 8 friends to rent the movie, but he got credited for only 2 rentals, then had to battle to have his movie taken off the service).

when i ripped into them, they said “our support system had stopped working and it was a while before we noticed”. like, the people responsible for doing Jaman tech-support didn’t notice that no more emails were coming through FOR A MONTH (or more) ?!? yeah, right…

just another bunch of Corporate Psychopaths i’m afraid :(.