Jailbroken six times and still can't get anywhere!?

I'm on my seventh attempt using Seas0nPass.


I've followed the FireCore instructions to the letter and each time Seas0nPass says it's worked fine. I go to tethered boot, and again each time it says it's done its stuff fine.

However, the thing finishes booting and there is nothing in the way of menus or options to show its been jailbroken. Am I missing something or am I doing it correctly and there's just not a software injection thing - i.e. do I have to SSH in and do things that way?

All jailbreaking does really is add ssh support.  You won't see any changed menus or anything.  After you jailbreak it you need to install the atv software or whatever else you want, which will add items to the menus.

And bam. Done. That's what I needed to know. :) Thanks!

having the same problem

I don't remember the wording, but also make sure to turn on "home networking" or whatever the option is where you put in your itunes username and password, won't work unless you've done that.  I forgot to do that last time and the install looks like it works but the menu's aren't there.


Also could be this: http://forum.firecore.com/topic/3947

Thanks for the replies guys. I didn't realise it didn't do anything to the GUI, and after I'd run the commands for installing XBMC, it was all fine :)