Jailbroken firmware only 22.4MB?

When I used Seas0nPass to make a JB firmware for my brand new ATV2, the resulting file is only 22.4MB (and a 5.7MB bundle). I then option-clicked “Create IPSW” and pointed it to the 4.4.4 firmware that I downloaded from Apple directly. The resulting firmware is the same 22.4MB. And when I tried to restore the ATV2 with this firmware I get various errors from 1600, 1602, to 14. Can anyone help?

I am running 10.6.8, iTunes 10.5.2, SP 0.8.1

SeasonPass itself is not that big, but the .psw files are much larger so it looks as if there is definitely something wrong with your .ipsw files.  I have

377 MB (396,277,727 bytes)   AppleTV2,1_4.4.4_9A406a_Restore.ipsw

395 MB (414,419,677 bytes)   AppleTV2,1_4.4.4_9A406a_SP_Restore.ipsw

Using the version of SeasonPass reld on Friday. The first is the file downloaded from Apple, and the second the jailbroken one created by SeasonPass.   I would expect these to be identical for everyone using this version of firmware (although I guess the second file could be slightly different if one uses the updated of SeasonPass released on Saturday to correct XBMC install issues).

I think I’m starting to understand the problem. When I click on “Create IPSW”, instead of downloading the firmware, SP immediately goes into “unzipping IPSW”. I’m not sure where it’s getting the file from. I’ve tried deleting every trace of IPSW from the computer and also deleting anything associated with SP. It still jumps to “unzipping” when I start it. Can anyone tell me how to get it to download the official IPSW instead of unzipping a phantom one?