Jailbroken AppleTV 2 with 5.3.1 - Yahoo Screen


I am new to the forum, and was hoping someone could help me with a jailbreaking issue that I’m having. I have a second gen ATV, and I had to downgrade it to 5.3.1 to re-jailbreak it after it was essentially bricked by an update. I was trying to update it because it was using 5.0 and I was hoping to get yahoo screen. Right now I am juggling between a jailbroken ATV2 for my Plex media server, an ATV3 I can’t jailbreak for yahoo screen and an amazon fire TV. There has to be a better way, since all I want to do is use some of the apps that come with the updates without updating. So, I was wondering - is it possible to install Yahoo screen manually to the ATV2? Being able to manually install apps to the ATV2 would allow me to pare down some this redundant technology and move it elsewhere in the house.

Thanks in advance,