Jailbroken and then not jailbroken

I updated my AppleTV using iTunes to restore.


I used season pass to jailbreak the device. 


When it was going thru the restore process of the Jailbreaking, it just never stopped. So I quit it and went through the set up process on the ATV. After inputting the settings I saw the FC folder on the screen.


I launched aTV Flash (black), and after it was done and reporting that it successfully installed everything, I went to the ATV and the FC folder was gone.


Is that what is suppose to happen? Under the older system I was using I could go to files in my “shared” folder.


Can someone please take a iPhone pic of what the TV screen looks like AFTER a successful jail breaking session? I really would appreciate it. You can send the pic to city@richb.com



Installing ATV Flash will remove the FireCore logo - but you should now have the FireCore Maintenance menu option.   Via that you can nstall other ATV Flash options.



Thanks much. Did not notice that Maintenance folder.