Jailbroke and Installed Flash, BUT when I unplug.... PROBLEM HELP

Ok well I successfully installed and jail broke my APTV2 with no problems.  Installed Couch Surfer and Media player no problems and used them for a bit.  BUT when I unplug my apple Tv2 and plug it back in, it can’t boot!  The apple logo pops up and then after a few seconds the “connect to iTunes” picture comes up and I can’t get past it.  Ive restalled Flash and jail broke it twice with the same problem.  Can someone please help me.  Im using 4.2 and the newest version of everything else.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

That’s the nature of a tethered jailbreak - if you don’t want that hassle wait till an un-tethered version is available.

Good to know, thanks for the quick response.