Jailbreaking - Still confused

ATV2 - I have it jailbroken and the latest ATV Flash installed (finally).  But I am confused...do I need to do a tethered boot every time I restart the ATV or unplug the device?  I was getting steady Apple icon on TV screen and ATV white light was flashing.  Thanks.

Unforunately the answer is yes if you have the latest Apple firmware on the ATV2.

That is the big disadvantage of a tethered jailbreak - but luckily one does not turn off or reboot the ATV2 that often.    Hopefully sometime soon we will have an untethered jailbreak that works with the latest iOS version so then this issue disappears.

Thanks for the reply.


So to move the ATV from my studio to another room, I will need to install Season Pass on my laptop so I can boot it in its' (ATV) new location or is the ATV linked to the computer (Mac Pro)  I jailbroke it on?

No it is not linked to a particular PC/Mac, although you may need access to the .ipsw file you created during the jailbreak process.    I am not sure what anyone does who does not own a notebook, and their PC is not near where they intend to use the ATV2.

I have avoided upgrading my ATV2 to the latest iOS just for this reason - there is a untethered jailbreak for the previous iOS version.  

ok  thanks.