Jailbreaking precision ...


Can someone explain how I can do the second part of the SeasOnPass procedure when my large HD television set is in the living room and that my computer is in another room ?  The procedure states:

Timing is key. Once the you receive the success message shown below, the USB cable should be removed and HDMI cable connected before the light on the front of the AppleTV stops flashing. (Don't worry there is ample to do this, so you don't need Superman speed).

How can I remove the USB cable and plug the HDMI cable before the light stops flshing if my television is in another room and that I execute the first part of the procedure at my computer in another room ?

Probably obvious to many, but not for me ...

Thanks for helping.



Robert Lespérance

Québec, Canada




So I need a laptop computer ... Sorry I don't have one.  The setup and maintaining is very complicated for non technical people.  I think that ATV Flash should mention customers to wait until the final version is out.  I loosed valuable time without proper support to find out that I would need a laptop to set this up and everytime that I would have to reboot the machine.

I will wait for the non beta release.