Jailbreaking New Apple TV2

I’m very verse in jailbreaking iPhone & iPad but have never taken the venture of jailbreaking an AppleTV, partly because I only have the Apple TV3.  This evening I’ve purchased a brand new, unopened AppleTV2 off of eBay.  So now after doing some research I’m reading where people have made the mistake of upgrading to a version i.e. 5.2.1 and not being able to jailbreak now.  

My question is:  If you were me, what steps would you take first.  Can you upgrade to a selective firmware?  I’m suspecting this AppleTV2 will be on a much older version. Possibly refer me to a guide to insure I take all the right steps.  I know how picky these things can be.  Thank you in advance!!  Any help in greatly appreciated.



If you have an ATV2 that has not previously been jailbroken, then your choices are to try and jailbreak it on whatever firmware release it already has installed (using something like iFaith to extract the requisite shshs blobs for that firmware) or to jailbreak to the 5.2.1 firmware and live with the tethered jailbreak limitation.

Believe it not, you can down grade your ATV2 5.2.1 to 4.4.4 or 5.x.x using SeaOnPass (either version).  The process will not complete and that’s fine because it will fail and once it fail disconnect it from your computer.  Verify the version by connecting it to your TV go to Setting, General, About…

Yes, with saved blobs.

If you’re talking about downgrading without saved blobs, I’d like to know how you have accomplished that task.


Me also.  I’m guessing he has saved blobs on remote servers, and doesn’t realise it.