jailbreaking issue

I am not a techy but the jailbreak instructions are pretty easy to follow. However I ran into a problem. I went to jailbreak my apple TV2 and thoought everything went well until i turned my apple tv2 and got a black screen. So i went to restore the Atv2 and that went well. So my Apple Tv is back to factory. When I went to attempt a jailbreak again I get this error message at the start.  “Season pass is unable to establish a connection with Cydia/iFaith Servers. Please check your internet connection or firewall settings.” My firewall is off and so is my antivirus. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance.

I am having exactly the same issue. My power went out, tried to re-jailbreak, and am getting the same issue. Help is appreciated! Is there an update or a hack we should know about? Thanks!

same here. ive tried everything. uninstalling and even deleting all reg keys and still when i install i cannot jailbreak, and it isnt the blobs because even the straight forward 5.3 says it cannot connect to check network and firewall settings. anyone have any idea whats up?

same issue and error message.

I’m running into the same issue as reported here.

Same Problem… 

same problem here

i was getting the same error. just found the problem. its the new seasonpass file thats not working… i was running atv 5.0 (jailbroken ofcourse) and my atv started acting up, so i figured since i was going to re-jailbreak anyway might as well download the latest seasonpass and run 5.3. that was the problem. tried a few times, kept getting the error… so, what i did was deleted the NEW seasonpass file that i downloaded today and instead i used the old seasonpass file that i had saved. it didn’t have 5.3 so i right clicked on CREATE IPSW and srolled down to the one i was using before, which was 5.0. worked like a charm… (however, the only reason this worked for me is because i already had saved my signature for 5.0)

so if you saved the signature for an old version, and still have the old seasonpass file that you used to jailbreak it, try that. worked for me. i don’t have all the new updates from 5.3 but don’t need them cause i got my xbmc back. lol


Hmm… sounds nice for you but i dont have the signatures for 5.0 or iwps and also dont have the earlier version of seas0npass… would like to jailbreak my appletv 2 (5.3) but can’t because of this error:“Season pass is unable to establish a connection with Cydia/iFaith Servers. Please check your internet connection or firewall settings.” I hope that there will be a solution soon. 

same problem here. i dont understand this. a week ago i could jailbreak without any problems

I wonder if this means there is currently a problem with the Cydia servers?

It has to… because i deactivated my firewall completly, but i’ve still the same error…


I had the same issue, but I thought it had to do with my using iFatih to save the 5.3 signatures (which I cannot do with SP 9.3) and create an IPSW on my PC.  I never use iFaith and thought I would see if iFaith would save the 5.3 signatures as I read – which it did.

Afterwards, none of my jailbreaking tricks worked so I went ahead and did a full restore to factory settings in iTunes and started again.  

I had no problem afterwards jailbreaking that 5.3 with SP 9.3, as well as an untethered 5.2 that needed a JB as well. Seasonpass (on my PC) had no problems saving the signatures on the 5.2, creating an IPSW, and finishing the restore in iTunes.

I’m almost sure I used a previously downloaded version of SP 9.3, if that is significant in identifying a new downloaded version as the source of the error.

I must have hit a small window last night…

I am now stuck with the same Cydia connection problem.

I seem to have found a workaround and have jailbroken again and all is running well. I’m running ATV v. 5.3 and Seas0npass 9.3. I restored to factory settings in iTunes, then from Seas0npass, right clicked Create IPSW and selected Restore latest version in iTunes. Worked for me (and took less time to jailbreak). Good luck - Hope that works for all!

its working right now.