Jailbreaking help

I have an ATV2 black with 4.4.2 firmware. I saved the shsh blobs using ifaith. I want to do a untethered jailbreak. I did the mistake of jailbreaking a 4.4 firmware to a 5.3 tethered without saving the blobs and don’t want to repeat the same mistake 


I want to move it to 4.4.4 or 5.2 (something which is tethered JB)


Please advise


well if the unit with 4.4.2 on it has never benn jail broken before your only option is 5.3 because 4.4.2 is tethered. I would updated it now to 5.3 before apple stops signing it and you are stuck on 4.4.2

I meant i want to move to untethered Jailbreak IS it possible in this situation or is my only choice being upgrading to 5.3 Tethered

As robby wrote… your only options are jailbreak it present firmware (4.4.2 tethered) or 5.3 which is tethered. I’d go with 5.3 because it’s updated.

No, you can only go to versions of firmware for which you already have shsh blobs, or that Appleis still signing.

Since you do not have saved shsh blobs for an untethered jailbreak version, your only current option upgrade is the 5.3 tethered jailbreak, and even that might stop being available if Apple stops signing 5.3.

Thanks for all the responses, I upgraded to 5.3