Jailbreaking error on Mac OS 10.11

I’ve buy an ATV2 with the version 5.3. I want to jailbreak it.
So when lunch seas0npass, no problem. It create the IPSW. But after, i start my ATV in DFU mode, the step sending DFU files is ok and after i’ve the message firmware restored failed.
I’ve try with 3 cables and it’s the same.

Do you have a solution?

I think I am having the same issue.


I’m having the same problem.

Try to install 5.3 manually then Jailbreak buy putting first the Micro USB then power cord in leaving both cords in Until complete DFU mode hold buttons for about 13 seconds Good luck!

After downloading the latest beta 0.9.7 all works fine! Thanks!

Great news!!