Jailbreaking brand new ATV2 to untethered

I’ve got a factory fresh out-of-the-box Apple TV2 (model A1378)… haven’t even plugged the thing in yet.  My goal is to get the ATV2 to the most recent tethered JB (5.2, based on this post).


Looking to validate the following steps to acheive this:


  1. Use Seas0nPass or iFaith to create an SHSH blob for my currently installed iOS (presume some 4.x version).

  2. Use iFaith to create a signed IPSW (not Jailbroken) from a downloaded 5.2 IPSW and the SHSH blob.

  3. Use Seas0nPass to create a Jailbroken IPSW of 5.2 (from the vanilla 5.2 IPSW created in step 2), and handle the installation (w/iTunes) to the ATV2.


Do I have that correct?

Hi, you will need to:

1.-Save shsh from iFaith PC Version 1.52.

2.-Use a Mac and seasonPass will find that blobs, prepare a custom ipsw, and restore to a Jailbroken Apple tv all this automatically.

you just have to specify the ios version that is installed on your Apple TV.

I have done several recently and the version I have found in them is 4.3

Hope this helps.

Shsh blobs are both device AND version specific. This means you cannot use a saved shsh blob from one release to jailbreak a different firmware version.

If your device is currently running version 4.3 then your only 2 options are 4.3 untethered or 5.3 tethered.  In other words 5.2 will not work for you.


Bummer.  This is what I suspected after diving a bit deeper.  I appreciate the quick responses.


Additional question: historically, do untethered versions of a particular iOS version tend to follow the tethered versions, or is it more likely that a future iOS version gets the untethered treatment?

There does not appear to be a definitive pattern.

What is certain is that a tethered jailbreak seems to be easier to produce so a tethered jailbreak nearly always appears first. The untethered jailbreak requires additional security weaknesses to be found. I guess as Apple locks down iOS better then these become harder to find. Going forward it is going to depend on whether iOS 7 turns out to be enough of a change to introduce new weaknesses.

This is apparently why the ATV3 has not been jailbroken - no appropriate weakness has been found to exploit for the jailbreak. The ATV2 has a known exploit in the boot ROM (which being in ROM cannot be patched) which gives a starting point for jailbreaks so the ATV2 is easier.

hmmm… I have an Apple TV 2 in my hands currently running 5.2. Can I still jailbreak this one unthethered? Do I just need to save blobs with iFaith, then just use SeasonPass to Jailbreak. I’ve done a number of Jailbreaks in the past, and want to do this for a mate, but don’t want to screw things up. lol… Its been a while since I did any ATV2 jailbreaks. Any info to give me a smooth path to an untherthered Jailbreak would be much appreciated.