Jailbreaking ATV2 version 4.4.3 with Seas0nPass

Needing some help with jailbreaking my Apple TV 2 on 4.4.3.

I’m being very careful not to accidentally update it to the latest software version (I’ve heard the latest version 5.2.1 can’t be jailbroken).

I’ve spent several hours running Seas0nPass over and over again. Quite hard to get it into DFU mode. When it did go into DFU, it automatically ran iTunes, but then it hung. My ATV2 still appears to be working normally (as before) when I test it on my TV.

I’ve attached a couple of screenshots of error reports I got. The screenshot that says “Apple TV could not be restored… device isn’t eligible…” is from within iTunes. On another occasion, I tried downloading an IPSW for the 4.4.3 version and selected it using OPTION click on Create IPSW, but I still got an error saying “Sorry :frowning: This Apple TV is not eligible for this version”.

Do I need to do this additional step (save firmware signature with TinyUmbrella):

I didn’t save the SHSH before attempting the jailbreak. Does it mean I lose the ability to save the SHSH blob now? Appreciate any help I can get from the community. Thank you.