Jailbreaking ATV2 running 4.3 possible? Untethered

I bought an Apple TV 2 from a buddy a few days back and its got the 4.3 firmware on there.  Is there a way to jailbreak it untethered or is the only possibility to jailbreak using a tethered solution?  I seen that it is possible to jailbreak Apple TV running 4.4.4 untethered using ifaith and seasonpass, but haven’t seen anything for 4.3 out there.  Is it possible to upgrade from 4.3 to 4.4.4 or to jailbreak 4.3 still?  This apple TV has not been jailbroken in the past, so it does not have any saved blobs.

You should be able to jailbreak the 4.3 untethered with iFaith 1.4.2 and SnowBreeze 2.9.3 In the guide you would download the IPSW for 4.3 instead of 4.4.4.

Be sure you dump & save your blobs with iFaith. I have jailbroke 4.3 and 4.4.4 using the above. Once jailbroke with SB you will see nitoTV instead of the red FC symbol.


1.Download/run IFAITH to Dump and save SHSH blobs.

  1. Download/run sn0wbreeze.

  2. in sn0wbreeze choose device, 4.3 firmware to download, select ‘‘IFAITH MODE’’ and point to your shsh file. Let it stich all together

4.get into dfu mode and restore in itunes

  1. After all connect your atv to tvset&internet.

  2. Buy&Run ATVflash.

  3. Thank Geohot , iH8sn0w , Bile (nitotv) , Firecore and all others who made it possible.

Thanks for the help guys.  Everything went smooth, except after I installed XMBC and rebooted the Apple tv, it wont boot up any more… just a black screen…  Going to try it again from scratch and see if that helps.

do not install nito, remove it.

 install xbmc manualy or from maintenance menu.

 do not install xbmc from nito.  

mix of sn0wbreeze+nito+xbmc  is buggy.


Can you get audio to work with sn0wbreeze+ifaith w/ XBMC? I can’t.


Got it to work tonight the hard way with ifaith+seas0npass+totalcommander

had that problem later found the new way as per tutorial here.

I’ll add that media player can be added to the list of buggy with 4.3+xbmc…  

So no nito or media player if you use XBMC on 4.3.


Still running into weird problems with this ATV on 4.3…  so got it jailbroken and it automatically installed Nito TV.  I SSH into the ATV and uninstalled Nito TV.  Then rebooted and installed XBMC through SSH as well.  But it doesn’t show up on the menu.  I even tried installing it again through SSH and it says the newest version is installed and does not need to be updated.  Still XBMC does not show up on the menu…  Any ideas what could be wrong??


Update: I went to the var/mobile/Library/Preferences directory where XBMC should be installed and it is not there, but NitoTV still has some files or directories in here:

ls: unparsable value for LS_COLORS environment variable

Installed.plist                     com.apple.preferences.datetime.plist

com.apple.LaunchServices.plist      com.nito.nitoTV.plist

com.apple.aggregated.plist          com.nito.nitoTV.rss.plist

com.apple.frontrow.iTunes.plist     com.nito.nitoTV.weather.plist

com.apple.frontrow.plist            com.whatanutbar.exposed.plist

com.apple.iqagent.plist             ntp.conf

com.apple.preferences-sounds.plist  org.tomcool.SMFramework.eventManager.plist

I am puzzled about how to fix this or what could be wrong.

Do you see xbmc when you:

# dpkg -l | grep xbmc


If not, try the install from the command line steps: