Jailbreaking ATV2 a dead ART?

My Apple Tv 2 was Jailbroken previously but After a while i want ed the new apps. And ran Stock updated firmware. So now I want to jailbreak it again to 5.3 to sell it with Kodi while it still has some value to people. I could not get it to work on my MAC few times It seemed to work once I ran it on my tv it showed FC logo and showed 5.3, but then when I go to install Kodi with the Nito Tv installer method said it worked but when I look at the tv nothing happens. Any ideas?

Is this possible still?

Learn how to use DFU properly if you don’t already:

do not skip step 6! By skipping it you are not finishing the JB!

I have Kodi installed on multiple aTV2’s. Are you using the latest NitoTV? Also you can install form flash black.

No I know how to do that properly. IT was something on the MAC. I tried it on my PC and it worked first try