Jailbreaking ATV2 5.0 problems

I used Seas0n Pass to jailbreak my ATV2 with v 5.0 and I installed ATV Flash 4.4.1 using the Tethered Boot.  After installing NitoTv and other apps.  After rebooting instead of showing the menu, the TV showed a picture of the iTunes logo and a white cable showing that I needed to resync the ATV with iTunes.  I hooked it up to my Mac and ran another tethered boot and the AppleTv restarted like it should have.  However, it had been reset and all jailbreaking and installations have been erased. 

Do I need to downgrade to 4.4?  Am I doing something wrong? 

If I need to downgrade, how do I find a copy of 4.4, I do not have a backup copy.  It got trashed.


Are you sure that the second time around you only did the tethered boot stage via SeasonPass and did not repeat the iTunes restore phase? It is the iTunes restore that wipes settings - merely doing the tethered boot should leave them intact?

You will only be able to downgrade if you made sure you had saved blobs (firmware signatures) for your device before you did the upgrade.

After jailbreaking and installing ATV Flash, I installed NitoTv and other files.  The ATV restarted and needed another tethered boot (which should not be needed).  I did the tethered boot through SeasOn Pass with iTunes closed.  After the second tethered boot, the ATV restarted but it had been reset and I had to start over again. 

If the device is restarted you most definitely need to tether boot as the kernel cache which boots the device has been replaced.