jailbreaking ATV 2 question

I’d appreciate any help.

I just got my ATV2 out of the box and followed the jailbreaking procedure step-by-step, checking my progess all the way, but when I should have been up and running, all I got on the screen was the iTunes logo and a USB image. I tried it again but somehow inadvertently downloaded 6.0.1. Is it possible to get back the previous version? I mean I know it is using iFaith but since I didn’t have iFaith before, is it possible now?

Thanks again for any advice.

try the 5.3 jb process. Remember its a tethered jb, thus you need to boot tether it. Good luck


Thanks for the reply!

Could I ask though, how I do that?  I’m under the impression that I need saved blobs to restore to an earlier version. Although, the whole reason I posted is that it seemed like I had done the jb successfully. and was hoping that my description of the tv screen with the iTunes logo would mean something to someone.

Thanks again for any advice.

You can do the 5.3 since apple is still signing it. Other than 5., you cant downgrade unless you have a saved shsh blob. Upon successful jb, boot tether the unit.

I"ll try it. Thanks again!

Hey Marlon,

It worked when I tried it again. Thanks again for your help!

Hi again Marlon. I wonder if you can help me again. I successfully installed seasonpass and then wanted to install xbmc and nitotv via ssh. So, got ExtraPutty to do that. However using these steps, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3x_pyFy1cI0 the Atv doesn’t come back on. It just blinks. I don’t want to attach it to the laptop since I don’t want it to update again. What should I do?

Thanks again.

When you say you ‘installed SeasonPass’, do you mean that you used SeasonPass to jailbreak the ATV2? If so then it sounds as if the ATV2 is waiting for you to carry out a ‘tethered boot’ stage. Unless you explicitly specified otherwise, you will have installed the 5.3 firmware during the jailbreak process and this a ‘tethered’ jailbreak. A tethered jailbreak means that the ATV2 cannot successfully boot without connecting the ATV2 via USB to carry out the tethered boot steps in SeasonPass. This is required any time you lose power to the ATV2 or do a hard reset.

Thanks itimpi!

I’m new at this so am learning the process. I tried the jailbreak again and was successful. Then installed xbmc successfully too. I think it’s all good! I really appreciate all the help and will be back if questions arise.