Jailbreaking Apple TV 2 running 4.2 firmware

Hi I’m trying to jailbreak my apple tv 2 running 4.2 firmware but season pass does not have the firmware is there way that I can jailbreak it I used ifaith to save my shsh blobs and I have saved them. please if any one can help me thank you 

same here, i tried some older version of seas0npass with no luck. Is there one out and will share seas0npass 4.2 SP Patches ipsw? or can upload the correct seasonpass Version


Thank you

can you confirm this? as i write alreade snowbreeze /seas0npass does not support 

  • 4.1 (iOS 4.2.1 - 8C150) - untethered


it should work with pownage tool (MAC) and Seasonpass 0.6.7 (MAC) if some one can create ipsw and upload i will very appreciate



I have 5 ATV2s on 4.1.1 and 4.1 and even though Seasonpass claims to support an untethered jailbreak for these firmwares it doesn’t work.


I gave up in the end.


I really do mean I tried for weeks.

i need the sp files thats the only problem :frowning:

You can’t get them, which is where the problem starts.

did you have a mac? can you try the pwnagetool that should capable to make the necessary files

No, it can’t.  I tell you I tried for 6 weeks, have all the blobs, can’t do it I tell you.