Jailbreaking an ATV 2 for the first time.

I have an ATV2 and was able to successfully jailbreak it a while ago on or about version 5.0.  I decided to do the same for my mom who has an ATV 2 running 5.1.

Everything I read says “season pass will update to the latest firmware”.  But there is no way my mom can handle a tethered boot.

How do I jailbreak her ATV WITHOUT UPDATING to 5.3?

I followed the steps in Jailbreaking 101 and on XBMChub.  I was unable to save firware signatures.  I got an error that said extraction failed.

What should I do next?  Help me and my dear old mom.  :)

No Mom should be without her Apple TV!   This one is for Dear Old Mom…

You should definitely be able to save your Mom’s 5.1 signatures and successfully complete an UNTETHERED jailbreak.

Unfortunately, “Jailbreaking 101” is not updated and doesn’t reflect the process using SP 9.3. 

Before attempting anything else, you should save the signatures. You can choose that option with Seasonpass 9.3 by RIGHT CLICKING on the “Create IPSW” box and choosing “Save Firmware Signatures.” You will be asked to connect your Apple TV and put it into DFU mode.  Seasonpass will do the rest and complete with a message saying that your signatures have been successfully saved.  Only version 5.3 seems to present problems saving signatures in Seasonpass 9.3.  You should have no issues saving your 5.1 signatures with SP 9.3.

You indicate, however, that you were unable to save the firmware signatures and got the message “extraction failed.” I’m wondering if you followed the same steps I outlined above – and whether you are using a proven Micro-USB.  If you are, you should try again.  Try using a PC if you are having issues with a MAC.

If you continue to fail for whatever reason, save your signatures using iFaith (1.5.9 is the latest version) which is very simple to use.

Once you have succeeded in saving your signatures – disconnect.  Then reconnect and RIGHT CLICK on that same IPSW box and choose the 5.1 option from the pull-down menu. You will be asked to connect your Apple TV at which point the IPSW creation process will automatically begin.

Don’t even begin the process if you do not have the latest version of iTunes installed. If you don’t, you won’t successfully complete the jailbreak.

I hope there was something helpful for you here, JALance!


Hey Maxie.

Thanks for the reply and I sure my Mom will thank you too.

I am out on vacation and will try these steps as soon as I get back and let you know the results.

Thanks again!


How’d you go JALance…?

Please let us know if this worked or not!

I tried everything (except using a PC) and was unsuccessful.
I bought a Little Black Box and that works great!
Thanks for the instructions, though!!!

Any error message(s)? or seas0npass keeps n failing?


I had the same issues trying to dump a 5.1 Apple TV 2 using season pass.  Extraction failed, no error code mentioned.  I was able to get it with iFaith using a PC.  I’m running OSX Mavericks though so who knows if that got in the way.  I’ve done about a dozen apple tvs and always used iFath.  Just found out that Seas0n Pass “supports” extraction.  But my SP results were the same as JLAnce.