jailbreaking 5.3 after upgrading without saving blobs please help

I somehow bricked my atv2 while messing around with updating xbmc so i decided to restore the firmware and start fresh. i was running 4.? and figured while i had it connected i would go ahead and upgrade the firmware to the highest possible os while still being able to jailbreak. i found 5.3 was the highest so i downloaded the stock 5.3 ipsw and restored the atv using it. i then downloaded the newest season pass and tried to jailbreak, everything finished but it said blobs could not be save or something to the effect and itunes did not come up and ask to restore, after connecting to the tv the regular os booted but xbmc was not there. i now realize i did 2 things wrong; one, i did not use season pass from the beginning, and two, i jumped to the conclusion that it wasnt jailbroken just because xbmc wasnt there. Now, i have tried restoring using the custom ipsw seasonpass created but i get error 1604. 

Restore in itunes ino custom ipsw needed just a fresh apple restore then run season pass the newest version. When done plug it in it will take a few minutes to boot you should have a red fc where settings is that means it is jailbroken. Download nito installer and install xbmc.