Jailbreaking 5.2.1

Hi guys,


is there any possibility to jailbreak 5.2.1 (tethered) at this moment?


I’m on 5.2.1, have even saved my blobs, but sn0wbreeze isn’t working for 5.2.1 and seasonpass 0.9.2 gives me later with iTunes Error 3194. 


Can someone help please? 

I’m also having this problem. is it because I had the poweer cord connected while trying to restore? it said able to boot tethered without even connecting to itunes and i knew that there wqas something up i went to update it mually and i get that error 

Same here. I’m on 5.2.1. Seasonpass 0.9.2 gives me later with iTunes Error 3194.Anybody knows if we can solve this at this moment. (Is it caused because apple is not signing 5.2.1 anymore ?)


It sounds to me as though the current beta version of SeasonPass may not be working with saved 5.2.1 blobs?   I guess while Apple was still signing 5.2.1 this was a requirement.  I guess we need a comment from James as to whether that supposition is correct.  I hope it is as that should mean an updated SeasonPass could still do a tethered jailbreak of 5.2.1 for those who have saved blobs.  Even better news would be an indication that a jailbreak for 5.3 is expected in the near future.

I read on a comment here that itunes 10.7 will get rid of errors. can anyone confirm that it will work after thisÉ