Jailbreak won't boot!

I have an apple tv2 on 5.0. I was having trouble doing the jailbreak myself, out of about 50 attempts only twice did I manage to get my device to boot. The jailbreak didn’t seem to be a problem, but when I went and did the tethered boot, it would go into dfu, go through all the processes, but the status bar would only go halfway on the uploading kernel section before just stopping and telling me boot was complete and I was good to go. I’d then put my HDMI cable in and nothing happens.


So I paid someone to do it for me, they send it back saying it’s working fine, and blah. Exactly the same problem. What am I doing wrong here? Could it be software on my laptop interfering with it? I do get a little ‘media espresso’ thing pop up halfway through the boot, is this affecting it?

me too


so i restored in itunes, still wont boot


no light, no video


I can dfu and restore but as soon as i remove the usb cable it goes dead