Jailbreak Will Not Work - Apple TV 2

I have been trying for days to jailbreak an apple tv 2 but have had no luck. I am running OS X Sierra 10.12.1 and have also tried on Windows 7 but no luck. Am I missing something? I follow all of the directions but no go. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi, I’m not sure anyone from firecore watches or reads these forums. I’ve been trying now for 6 hours… tried every stinking combination I’ve read about.

The cord is good. iTunes can see the ATV2 at times.
Have done various combinations of with USB, USB+Power, Power then USB, then remove power, etc.
Have tried the menu+UP combo first.

NOTHING WORKS. I’m terrified I’ll brick my ATV2.

The problem is the SOFTWARE. Seas0nPass can’t keep up with all the constant updates and changes that Apple makes.

I’m disgusted with all of this.

I spent the best part of 2 days trying to jailbreak; I even went ahead and downgraded the Apple TV from 6.1.1 to 5.3. and Nothing! I kept getting some file error message.
Then finally I read somewhere that if I also downgraded MacOS Sierra to OS X El Capitan that it could work. I wasn’t holding my breath. But…on the first try…IT DID WORK!!! I couldn’t believe it!..I hope this also works for you guys too.
Question: Since I’m not tech savvy, my next hurdle is to learn how to add content to the Apple TV…any forums or videos you guys recommend for this next step?

Thanks!! Greatly Appreciated.

This was the craziest thing I was having all these problems. I moved seas0npass application to my desktop and bam just like that working! My computer is running on sierra btw.

I still was not able to jailbreak the ATV2. But the prior couple of posts shows that the SOFTWARE that Firecore has out there… NEEDS PATCHING. IT CLEARLY DOES NOT WORK WITH CURRENT OPERATING SYSTEMS, either on the notebook or with iTunes.

I was using Windows10 (ugh) before. But I will try some of my older laptops with XP3 on them and see if it works. I doubt it… but will see. If it does work, I’ll post that it did.