Jailbreak - What does it all mean?


For the not so savy,  I have a few questions, but first, a little background.


My son gave me an ATV2 that he had JB’n for me & set it all up.  I have a win laptop & a Qnap server.


I am very impressed with it, & I love it so much that I decided to go & buy another one for the bedroom tv, but I got an ATV3


All I really want to do is watch the movies I have on my server, on my tv.


Is there any part of ATV3 that has been … cracked or JB’n or what ever you call it?

Do I have to wait untill ATV3 can be JB’n to do this?







Currently there isn’t a way to jailbreak an Apple TV 3. We don’t know when or if it will be able to be jailbroken.


You can stream content that is loaded into iTunes to an Apple TV but you need to convert it to make it compatible. There was a thread not to long ago on here regarding it but I cannot seem to find it.

Thanks Mate




Your other option is to return it to the store and get a different product. Unless you have, or intend to buy more apple computers, tablets, and phones you won’t get much value from the ATV (without JB). There are other better products out there.

It does appear that all hope has been abandoned for ATV3 to be jailbroken, ever.

You are right “ArtM”, i’m also agree with your reply …