Jailbreak went fine but "Bad CPU type" error

Hi guys,

finally made it to jailbreak my never-jailbroken-before 2nd gen Apple TV running iOS 4.3.

Seas0npass is great (thanks a lot), whilst instructions for jailbreaking might be somehow enhanced -- however I got it to work after a few trys, thus I guess it's fine.

One serious problem, however: if I ssh into ATV and try to run, for instance, /usr/bin/gzip, I get this nasty error:

-sh: /usr/bin/gzip: Bad CPU type in executable

I stumbled upon this error while trying to run the install script of NitoTV. The result is I cannot install NitoTV at this time.

Question is: where is gzip fetched from by seas0npass? Is gzip bundled with it, or is it fetched from the Mac on which the IPSW image is built?

My 2 cents -- if gzip is bundled with seas0npass, we might have a 32 / 64 bit mismatch here, if it's fetched from my Mac than we might have a mismatch between Intel Core i5 chip (on my iMac) and Apple A4 chip (on my ATV).

However, tried to overwrite the ATV's gzip with the version I had on my old MacBook (they looked different), but to no avail -- same error remains.

Any ideas?

Thank you