Jailbreak update issue


I got a problem with a Apple TV 2.

The Apple TV was already jailbroken on 4.4.4 or 4.3 (not by me) and i need to update it to 5.2.

Every version I clicked into seasonpass gives me the error: This Apple TV is not eligible for this version

So what i did is i clicked on an older jailbreak process from 5.2 and that gives me an error in iTunes.

After that i connected it back to the television and I got a black screen and the white led is blinking fast.


How do i get my jailbreak back on this device? I prefer untethered. 


Hope someone can help me out with this issue.


Have you save your shsh blob for 4.4.4 or 4.3? You cannot update to a particular version unless you have a saved shsh blob aside from the latest version. Also, what is the error - might be 3194?

No i dont have any blobs. The error is 3194.

Should a 5.3 work on tethered or do you have other solutions for a untethered jailbreak?

Silly question… but I assume you already tried to re-jailbreak using 4.4.4 or 4.3?  You might find that you can start a fresh IPSW creation with your former version which was previously jailbroken.  

I didn’t understand you saying you needed to update to 5.2 which, besides giving you the opportunity to use a keyboard, isn’t a huge improvement of 4.4.4 or 4.3.  Nor did I understand your saying that you clicked on an “older jailbreak process from 5.2” which created the error in iTunes.  

Are you saying you previously jailbroke THIS ATV with 5.2 – and then downgraded to one of those earlier versions?  All ATV signatures are device specific and cannot be “borrowed” from another jailbreak.

sad part, unless you saved it by chance, you are stucked with the 5.3 tethere jailbreak. But i have i hopes that the geniuses will provide untethered jailbreak once a new version comes out.