Jailbreak untethered after tethered

I’m new at all this. I understand that you can only jailbreak atv2 4.4.4 tethered currently, but that an untethered jailbreak is coming.  Can I jailbreak tethered for now, and the do it again untethered if and when that becomes available?  If so, will I need to reinstall aTV flash (black)?  







Yes, you can do it again when the untethered comes out. And yes, you will have to re-install aTV flash (black). Generally, jail-breaking is like updating the firmware. All settings are restored to factory defaults and and previously installed software on a jail-broken device is lost

Thanks for the info.
One other question: as I said, I read that a 4.4.3 untethered jailbreak was coming. Will this likely work on 4.4.4?