Jailbreak stuck

Hello! I tried the jailbreak (seasonpass 0.6.9) with Season Pass. In accordance with instructions The first time I'm stuck between Step 5 and 6. [[wysiwyg_imageupload:46:]]It was opened itunes and atv appeared in itunes, but then I had this error message: Apple TV starts still quite normal with all the data but if the jailbreak now on it is? Differences are not tethered in the boot mode does not work either. Since I'm not out of step 2.[[wysiwyg_imageupload:47:]] It will not in DFU mode. Again, I can do it with the Jailbreak not do that again to step 5-6. It is no longer in DFU mode. Itunes Version 10.2.1 from Last week

Could anyone help?

What I have to do?

Please ensure you're using the latest 0.6.9 (36). You can check the version through the 'About' menu in Seas0nPass.

If you're still having trouble please submit your debug log as described here: