jailbreak question.

I just did my first jb last night with seasonpass…worked like a charm.  I can see the seasonpass on the mainmenu on my atv2.   When I went to install atv flash today and said it wasnt jailbroken.  I assume thats because of the software update.  My question is where do i go from here?  Do i wait for a new seasonpass version and start there?

Hmmm - Are you using a Mac or PC to install aTV Flash (black)?


It seems that my atv2 is jailbroken.  however, atv flash cant find it.  i have airplay and homesharing enabled.  I also tried by ip to transfer files and get same message that atv is not jailbroken.  I also have checked firware version, its still at 4.2.2.  it did not upgrade so im starting to think the atv2 is jailbroken and may be more a atv flash(black) problem.