Jailbreak problems with 5.0

I updated my ATV2 to 5.0 and have been trying to jailbreaking it again with no luck.  First of all Seas0pass takes forever to start up but when it finally does it has no problem creating a ipsw. The problem starts when it starts up Itunes and says error 1604 not able to restore.  Im running newest Itunes and version 10.6.8.  Is it correct for me to think I need a teathered boot for 5.0 to work but in order for that to work I would need to jailbreak it before like I have been trying to do.  Please help me guys…

Just to make sure…if i updated to 5.0 without any backup of shsh there is no way to jailbreak it, is that correct?

No. You can do the tethered jailbreak of 5.0 firmware whatever you were on previously and without saved blobs as apple is still signing that release.

It is not clear why that is not working for you. Do you have power plugged in or just the USB when you get the 1604 error?

Just using USB…

Got it finally jailbroken on another computer, got it home and did a teathered boot but once im done the Atv just stays with a flashing light, like it´s still in DFU mode.