JailBreak on Mojave

After long period having ATV2 not jailbroken
I tried to jailbreak it, no matter what I have tried “firmware failed to restore”.
I am using latest Saea0npass and iTunes I had to plug power cable to get atv2 in DFU mode then disconnect it, process seems to work fine but at the end it fails.

any suggestions


Does anyone respond here, or is it hopeless!!

I’m responding!!

However I can’t get Seas0nPass to work, so, ATV2 is a waste of time and money

My advice, is to go elsewhere

This site used to be good but now…it sucks, zero support

About Seas0nPass
On here:

lechium commented on 2 May 2017
“sorry this project is no longer maintained, between my full time job and AppleTV 4 work i just don’t have time to keep fighting against apple breaking their USB stack with their half baked updates.”