JAILBREAK on a NEW Apple TV 2 on 4.4.4?

Hello Forum,

I have been reading and reading and searching and searching for an answer to:
“Can I still perform an Untethered Jailbreak to a Brand New Apple TV 2 running 4.4.4?”
I have read several different topics and subjects here that are similar in nature but mostly out of date (I could be missing some), have never connected the Apple TV (only to view version (4.4.4)) and I understand the no signing of older firmwares and have read on how to perform with unsigned but with an older version of seas0pass

Also, I have read that the new version of seas0npass no longer allows importing your own IPSW from your computer
Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Just like anyone else I would love to be able to Jailbreak this unit to 5.2, but since I was never able to save blobs and now that 5.2 is no longer signed

my understanding is that I am SOL in that dept.

I’m on a MAC if that makes any difference, but have access to a Windows machine if I can get this Untethered and bring it home.


Thanks again for anything at all, whether big or small.

Since version 4.4.4 can be jailbroken untethered you should use the windows machine to save your 4.4.4 blob locally with iFaith.  That way you can experiment with what you’ve read in your linked post or elsewhere on the forum using either a MAC or windows environment.  Then if you mess things up you will always have the option of returning the firmware on your device back to version 4.4.4 and starting over again.

Correct, version 5.2 is not available for a device that is new.