Jailbreak for latest firmware

My firecore install is refusing to let me update XBMC and also won’t airplay some content. I’m wondering if there is an ETA on the jailbreak for the most recent firmware as I’d love to start from scratch. Having paid $60 for the software I was kind of hoping updates to seas0npass would be more timely than they have been. I’m not quite sure how to restore and jailbreak again as restoring it would invariably put my ATV on the latest firmware which has no jailbreak.

I’m wondering about the latest firmware jailbreak, too. Has Apple made it more difficult or are other projects taking priority over this? At this point, the newer features of the Apple-released upgrades outweigh the features I’m getting from firecore–at least for my uses anyway. Any updates from anyone?

You need to remember that it is not FireCore who produce the jailbreaks - SeasonPass is simply a packaging of jailbreaks produced by others. If this jailbreaking community does not work on such jailbreaks nothing gets done.

Also, Apple is continually fixing the security flaws that have been exploited for jailbreaking purposes. That means that each new release of firmware tends to be harder to jailbreak than the previous release. A good illustration of this is the fact that the ATV3 has not yet been jailbroken despite the fact it has been out for over 18 months now. This is believed to be because it removed a code flaw in the boot ROM that many ATV2 jailbreaks have exploited.