Jailbreak for 5.1 ATV Gen 2

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I did

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So you know and I will be posting a solution. I am able to run a modified signature file on another box but when booting it freezes at the logo. Seems like I may be going in the right direction for 2nd gen modification. What do you have besides a couch and a prayer

Let’s see if we can turn this thread into a more positive one shall we?  Are there things that technically inclined folks with software/hardware experience can do to help?  Some heaving lifting/grunt work of sorts perhaps?  I’d love to get involved.  I have an ATV2 and ATV3, both with factory fresh iOS 5.1 installs on them.  If someone were to point me in a direction I’d be glad to do some volunteer work.

Nice deletion.

You can be nothing but positive about the products that are supplied by this company. The Jailbreak is free and aTV Flash saves so much time and gives you added functionality. But you have to be patient. There are already pictures being circulated by Firecore showing a Jailbroken Apple TV running 5.1.

You just have to wait.

Sorry if I appeared negative it’s just the argument started because I felt one person was rude to someone else who tried to supply a very valid explanation.


Arrg, see I CANT STRESS ENOUGH that I am not talking about atv flash I am talking about jailbreaking. Please read my post, i started this thread for solutions to 2nd gen pre 5.1 workarounds and all I am getting from you is wait for a 5.1 solution. Please leave this thread if you have nothing to contribute towards modifying 2nd gen pre 5.1 firmware apple tvs. Thank you 


Thanks I will supply some notes on this thread later.

Then good luck, but the odds of someone who has been a member of this group for just over a week coming up with a jailbreak that is more reliable than the one that I am going to wait for would be higher than that person ever possessing any manners


but hey what do I know. Again apologies to the rest of you.
Oh yes and I know it shows aTV Flash running, but obviously a Jailbreak was needed for that.


“but obviously a Jailbreak was needed for that.” That is what I am talking about here. You are a complete total idiot. I may be new to the forum, but this problem only started on March 7th. Since then I was happy modifying boxes that had versions 4 already on it. Now I am wanting to mod boxes that don’t. I have been in the technology business since your mom was still in diapers. Be gone along with the demons I shed and enter back to the dark abyss of sewage from where you come from.


Have just placed my order :slight_smile:

As I understand, you guys  gonna be jailbreakers  now.   Well I assume then we will have JB for 5.0/5.1 very soon. Good!  


I never said that. All I said is I am trying to modify a signed ipsw to work on another box. I do not have the skills necessary to make a jailbreak. I am using existing jailbreak resources to upload a modified file. There is an idiot claiming I am developing a jailbreak. As far as I know, that will happen before he gets a life.

Please don’t assume to know me, please don’t try and wow me with your words. You are a rude cretin.

If you have been doing as you say then you must be about 85. I’ve always thought old people were ruder than the young.

Cheers for proving that theory.

Chill out guys, but for those like us using jaibreake iDevices, the golden rule is that never update the FW until you are 100% sure the FW is jailbroken

Stay where you are, visit the forum when you see the update release.




You talk to me like you know me. Get out of my thread

I think we should wait to see your notes that you promised earlier first.


“Get out of my thread” :[ :[ Hohoho.


You completely soiled my thread like you do your diapers. I have asked them to delete it. thanks

I’m not sure how much I soiled it. Obviously no-one else has come forward to give you a hand and maybe that should tell you something. I have also received several private messages from people who don’t want to get involved with this discussion, directly, and who think that I am right. Obviously it is easy for me to say that, obviously I won’t share those statements with you as they were made to me privately. Maybe that should tell you something to.

Maybe you shouldn’t be so rude.


seriously, do you just like messing with me. 16 weeks you are a member and the only posts are here in this thread bashing me and my potential progress. Get a life, if you cant I will loan you mine for a day. please leave