Jailbreak for 5.1 ATV Gen 2

I guess I’m missing a small piece of common sense but… I thought the Jailbreak was chip specific, so why so long for the update for 2nd Gen?

Tell me about it. My guess is they would like to have aTV Flash good to go at the same time. Its driving me crazy!!!



From what I here the A5 chip will be even harder to exploit. So I hope they throw the community a bone and give us a atv2 seasonpass for 5.1. It would go along way.

Totally agree, i brought my apple tv at discount price last week and went to jailbreak it to find out that i couldn’t do it. I tried everything on the forums but it wasn’t working so I’m desperate to get my hands on the jailbreak for 5.1. I would like to have the jailbreak by the end of next week no later. 

For real! What’s taking so long? Is firecore just going silent on this? Reverting to tiny umbrella isn’t what I paid for.

If you think it’s “taking so long” why don’t you have a crack at getting it done, must be very easy. It always amazes me how you can be so demanding of something that is completely free to you and so much effort has been put in by others.

Guys I would say … Its time to wait for a possible 5.1 JB on ATV 2. But People who are already on 4.4.4 they are still in good luck to JB their device !!

It wasn’t free for me.  I paid for it.  I’m not a computer developer, but if you want me to come down and peer over your shoulder and tell you what features I want I’d be happy to do so if it meant my purchase would actually have value.

You’re confusing the jailbreak with aTV Flash. The jailbreak is the injection of code to allow the device to run unsigned code. aTV Flash is a bunch of software that can be installed on a device.

You never pay for a jailbreak. Hence why Seas0nPass is free to download.


Don’t be a hole. I understand that. Then why hasn’t seasonpass put out a jailbreak for ssh access at the least, I can deal with that from there. 

Ok, if that’s the terminology then fine.  But as a consumer all I see is software that comes from one company (Firecore) that is supposed to allow me to use Hulu on my apple tv2.  If new purchases of the TVFlash don’t work with SeasonPass, then don’t sell me TVFlash.  Pull the purchase option for TVFlash until everything works again.  I’m not a developer, but I am a business owner, and if we were in the same situation we would have to refrain from selling a product that depended on another product being available and functional. If I sold a product for $60 and then told the customer “you can use it in a month or two” I don’t think I would have much of a business.  Firecore’s business is about making non-developers have access to these processes without a developer’s knowledge and we non-developers will happily pay for it as long as it works.

What is wrong with you people, jailbreaks take time so you will just have to get used to it. Seriously if your going to be like this everytime a new jailbreak is needed you might as well sell your ATV’s :( 


Seasonpass is free & can only be released when a jailbreak has become possible get used to it !

So speaks the word of reason. You need to wait I’m afraid, My ATV Flash still works a treat on 4.4.4. Wait until the FREE jailbreak is released to upgrade to the latest software, then if you have purchased ATV Flash add it to your Apple TV. If you don’t want to wait, add all the software yourself and stop moaning

twice, sorry.


I guess the point I was making got lost in the 2nd and 3rd gen confusion. I was merely stating that since the atv2 with the A4 chip has already been jailbroke, why hasnt seasonpass released an update just for the jailbreak to access the root. I am not talking about the new jailbreak for the A5 chip which will, from my estimation, take much longer. Since toshiba has closed some of the exploits like the buffer overflow, from what I read, it may be a long while.


Until then, if I was given a jailbreak for the 5.1 on A4( 2nd gen), not taking about the atv flash, I could probably mess around with it and at least d something constructive. 

It is not that simple. The jailbreak process starts with a root level exploit that allows code to be injected, but then a weakness needs to be found at the iOS level as well. The iOS level exploit has normally had to be found for each iOS release as normally Apple closes the previous one. It is the iOS level exploit that is still outstanding for iOS5.1 on the ATV2. The news that an iPad exploit (the iPad uses the same A4 chip as the ATV2) has been found for iOS5.1 is encouraging news, but until we hear that a similar exploit also works on the ATV2 an ETA for a releasable jailbreak is just guesswork.


Thank you. Finally an explanation without the vitriol. Many thanks  

Vitriol?!?!?! You’re the one who told us you could have a go at it yourself. As for the words and phrases used I would consider calling someone a “hole” with all the obvious implications of that phrase far more vitriolic than anything anyone has written back to you. So if you want more vitriol. Stop being a moaning dick, shut up and be patient as we all have to every time this process is undertaken.


first off I didnt call you a “hole” i was letting you know your answer was a bunch of nothing. If your help to someone is stating the obvious, please, please find another support forum. I was simply looking for an answer to my specific question and not a rubber stamp answer I have been hearing over and over. I am trying to be constructive and you are only being obstructive. Yes, I want to help find a solution, so yes I want a hand at it.


I never use obscene and vulgar language like you. Find another thread to fill with your negativity

I probably should have called you a vacuity, but I was trying to keep it simple.