Jailbreak failed - "the apple tv could not be restored" ... now what?

Got this message at the end,


the apple tv could not be restored. this device isn’t eligible for the requested build


Which I don’t understand, I’m on 4.3 not 4.4.  Why would this build not be eligible?  What build do I need?

You have a wrong entry within your host file - if you are on Mac OS X:

Open terminal - then you should enter “sudo nano /private/etc/hosts”… There you should find a line with an ip adress pointing to gs.apple.com - remove this line or put a “#” to comment out. Restart the JB or restoring process - and you should be fine…

I did this and I do not have a # next to gs.apple any other suggestions?

Do you have the gs.apple entry there at all as your message implied that you did?   It should not be present (or commented out by starting the line with #).