Jailbreak doesn't seem to work

I have tried everything I know of, but I can't seem to get my atv2 to jailbreak.  I have tried the latest version of Redsn0w, and everything appears to work, but when I do the tethered boot and the atv starts up, nothing has changed.  Is there supposed to be a new menu item?  I just see the regular menu items.


What else can I try?  I never could get Greenpois0n to work either.  


I think I have the only atv2 that can't be jailbroken!


I appreciate any suggestions.

If you plug your ATV2 in to your PC using the USB cable and without the power connected, does it start flaShing the white LED and show up in iTunes waiting for a restore? If it does not, then I would suspect there is an issue with the Mini USB cable! I had exactly the same issue with the first 2 cables I tried, but then I got one tha works like a charm every time and have had no issues with jailbreaking since switching to that cable.