Jailbreak did ... nothing?

I succesfully ran the Seas0npass software, both steps went well. I hooked my ATV up to the TV and wi-fi network, ran the newest ATV (black) software, again everything went well. My ATV screen flashed and .... nothing. Looks exactly the same as it did before. Am I missing something?

I notice the same thing. Can somebody answer this question, please? After tether boot, ATV looks exactly the same. I then also tried to install ATV Flash (black) - again, looks exactly the same. 

Jailbreaking by itself will show no visible changes on the AppleTV. Installing aTV Flash (black) will add an extra 'Maintenance' menu to the ATV which can be used to manage other apps.

We're looking into a few issues which may prevent this from appearing after running the installer, but in the meantime please try re-running the aTV Flash (black) installer.

Also, make sure you followed the installation instructions to the letter… I was having this problem, as well. What finally got the Maintenance menu to appear was ensuring I had the upper-left item (‘Top Movies’ under the ‘Movies’ menu) highlighted before installing ATVFlash(black).

Good luck!