Jailbreak atv2 untethered / atv doesnt blink rapidly by it self

Hi , Im having a problem jealbreaking my  Atv2 unthethered. 

-When connecting atv2 to computer it doesnt blink at all.  ( Itunes starts up thou )

-I have to put the power cable on for some seconds for getting the rapidly blinking light

  • I remove the power cable it continous with the blink it suppose to have when jailbreaking

  • I get it in DFU mode with no problem then

  • All seems fine until after making ipsw and itunes restore it.

  • I connect it to the tv, it just comes up the apple logo and nothing else. 


I have followed all the advice with power cable on and off during the start off the process. 

Appreciate all help! 

If its just the apple logo and not the iTunes lOgo wait for maybe 3 minutes the light Needs to go solid if not just disconnect and reconnect again and wait a bit 

Restore with a fresh new ios then configure the apple tv then try again

if it isnt blinking when connected to the computer, unhook it let the atv start up on your tv and try to reconnect it again… this may take some attempts

Good luck!

Thanks so much for help! It seems like I only had to wait for the apple logo to go away. :)