Jailbreak ATV2 on 4.1.0

a friend of mine just gave me a atv2 running 4.0 . is there any solution to jailbreak. The box is untouched and the shsh bobs are intact…seasonpass says the the firmware file is unsuppoerted. I tried jailbreaking with snowbreeze the extracting the dmg files into the ifaith files but no luck. Is there a way i can get download the version of season pass that will support this firmware??i have searched the net and these forums but nothing…if i cannot find the software …  is there a way i can upgrade the firmware to 4.4.4 and keep the shsh blobs intact so that i can JB the unit ?


i did manage to JB another unit on 4.4.4 using the total comander and i faith method .

i  guess there is  no solution…??