Jailbreak ATV2 6.2.1 stuck on resetting DFU

I’m attempting to jailbreak using seasonpass 0.9.7. ATV2 with 6.2.1 on it. MACbook AIR running Yosemite 10.10.2

I’m able to get into DFU mode but the process just hangs on resetting DFU. I left it on resetting DFU for 12 hours and before unplugging.

Any ideas?

i have the same problems. Can’t get the seasonpass on my ATV2.
anyone suggestions

same here. running seasonpass 0.9.8 on ATV2 using iMac Running 10.12.4.

same her, running 9.8 and IOS 10.10. What can I doing?

Was there any solution to this?

I have the same problem, what can we do?

Same problem me too.

Need “iOS 10.12.1 Sierra”, if people don’t have this IOS, seassonpass never run. Luck.

I have 10.10.5 Yosemith. Which version of SeasOnPass I need to use?

Need IOS Sierra, only that for used season pass, If you can’t install on your machine you must visit a friend.

Olso using Seas0nPass 0.9.6 with 5.3?

The last seassonpass are broken, I did a lot of passes, repeat you: “ONLY YOU NEED IS A PC WITH SIERRA AND SEASSONPASS 0.9.8, IN FEW MINUTES YOU MUST YOUR Apple TV ON”

And yes, need too IOS 5.3 on apple tv2, but I think in anywhere you can find a tutorial on youtube for that.

I have the same issue seasonpass 0.9.8. ATV2 with 5.3 on it. I am using Mojave. It was successful when I did it for ATV2 with 6.2.1 with other condition is the same. I downgraded it from 6.2.1 to 5.3 and everything is ok until DFU I get failed to install firmware or stuck at resetting device.

I tried with High Sierra and it did not work eather. I tryed with a Windows 10 and not work too.

Repeat you. The problem IS the iOS, you need iOS Sierra. A FEW months ago i tried to do many steps to jailbreak the Apple tv2, the only way that it worked was with “sierra”. any other Wil not work

iOS Sierra, not Work with high sierra

I upgrade to Sierra and try again with ATV2 5.3 and Seasonpass 0.9.8 but still get stuck on Resetting DFU

Same problem here :frowning: high sierra…


I rebooted my 2011 Mac mini into its Mt Lion partition (10.8.5) and used Seas0npass 0.9.8, but I then got a “failed to reset USB counters” error message.

Research indicated that the fix for this problem is to go to Seas0npass preferences and uncheck “Quit iTunes before restore” and now I have untethered JB’d both of my ATV 2nd generations on iOS 5.3

I had reverted back to iOS 5.3 using this procedure:

I have not yet tried to JB tethered on 6.2.1

BTW: it took me 3 or 4 tries to get into DFU mode, with the power cable inserted at that point, to get it into DFU mode.