jailbreak aTV black screen / boot loop

Also found no more plex either. Seriously if we have to read everything on your site to gleam the smallest and yet most important info then keep milking everyone. I won’t be upgrading again or bothering here.

Plex is not part of Firecore’s ATV Flash software, so I am not sure why you expect status information on Plex to be given on the FireCore site?  Surely the place to be looking for that is in the Plex forums?


Correct. Merely a statement as thats the main reason for myself using firecore. Infuse doesn’t quite cut it and xbmc is slow and crashes too often. 3 of my ATV’s are still running old version as Plex is on my media centre/raid array and working ‘fine’ so downgrading the main one. My reason for being unimpressed is I paid for new license but the old one actually works somewhat ok and usually a new version means upgrading/renewing what features are already there so not actually in the habit of searching through forum posts and wasting more time to find what does and doesn’t work when an already high level was previously attained. Expected more or same and got less.