jailbreak aTV black screen / boot loop



I tried do jb my neighbors aTV2.

The first time everything went fine, but the iTunes script failed so I installed manually. That completed without any errors, but when I connect the aTV back to the TV, I briefly get the apple logo and then a black screen only. After a while the aTV seems to reboot (loops forever).

The LED in the front continues to blink in the same speed all the time.


I then did a complete restore to official firmware with iTunes (I guess iTunes has chosen the latest firmware available, as it downloaded 1 hour) which worked fine and the aTV booted completely without any problems. So I tried the jb again, this time even the iTunes scripts worked fine and nothing reported any errors.

Back at the TV: same issue. continuously blinking LED, short period with the apple logo and the nothing …


Is there anything I’m missing?


Using latest iTunes, 10.8.3, latest seasonpass 0.9.0, etc.


thanks a lot in advance

I just jb’d my existing, already jb’d atv2.

Same issue, so I doubt it’s a hardware issue, maybe something with  the current available jb software?




Same here, did an upgrade from 4.4.2  can’t seems to boot.

No errors during JB. A complete restore in itunes is the only thing that makes it work.

Any way to get an older version of Sessonpass?

DId you leave the power plugged in after completing the tethered boot stage?   Since the current 5.2.1 release jailbreak is tethered you can never remove power without the PC/Mac being need to complete the boot process.   This means you cannot jailbreak in one room, and then unplug the ATV from the power to move it to where you intend to use it.

that solves my question… I didn’t know that the latest version is only tethered. Sorry about that.

Works now. (hoping for an untethered JB)



Sorry to butt in but I have the same problem and new to this
Tethered? Does this mean that you can never turn off the atv and the pc or just not during jail breaking?
Do I follow The same process just with the power chord in?

I did have 4.2.1 when I first tried and ended with the black screen so ended up using iTunes to install the latest firmware and am now stuck

Any help appreciated as I am totally confused

It means if we JB we should not remove power otherwise aTV will not work?  or Blank Screen comes.

It means if we JB we should not remove power otherwise aTV will not work?  or Blank Screen comes.

Correct - and then you have to repeat the tethered boot via a USB connection.

I’ve jailbroke my ATV using this method on my PC and would like to move my ATV closer to the TV… but the TV is far away from my PC. What I’d like to do is use my laptop for the final tethered part. Since I’ve already created all the files on my PC, what files will I need to copy to my laptop to make this as fast as possible.

I know I’ll need the season pass, but which ipsw will I need?

I need to send it to my family to my home town, they don’t know how to do tethered boot, even they are not using PC.

If that is the case then I am afraid you are in trouble.   We are hoping for an untethered jailbreak but there is no ETA, or even a  guarantee it will ever arrive.

Hi, how can I find movies in aTV Flash ATV2?

How can get stream using UDP or RTP or RTMP?

Hi, how can I find movies in aTV Flash ATV2?

How can get stream using UDP or RTP or RTMP?

Can I suggest that you make available the previous versions that we may actually use the FireCore software? I dont have a computer in the same room as my tv so it is impossible to use now! It was working just fine (although on old apple iOS) until FireCore suggested I update the software. Now I cannot go back to the way it was!! I cant recall seeing any warnings or advisory that if we updated to the latest version that we would have to boot tethered. For you to state that there may never be a fix is unnaceptable. Why did I pay for a lifetime of updates?


In your case, great news if you were using the atv flash then all your previous firmware versions were saved automatcally so you can downgrade.


I am not going to walk you through the process all you have to do is read one of the many treads on the first page of this forum if you can’t just pay someone in your city/ town to do it.

This tethered business is utterly ridiculous!  Firecore must warn people before suggesting that they update.  Most of us are busy and finding this out by updating, running through the process multiple times and then discovering that the ATV needs to be tethered is a complete waste of my time. 

Who has their ATV parked next to their computer???  If I wanted a computer next to my TV all the time then I’d do that and not bother with ATV!

Come on Firecore… When are you going to help us out with the full set of either software or information?

AGREED! Fuck you Firecore, you bunch of fucktards. I’ve just wasted an ENTIRE FUCKING DAY because of this stupid bullshit. This is what I get for my trouble. I hate you so much right now.

Same here. Wasted entire day. No where did I see it was a tethered JB and I just paid for the upgrades etc. Really pissed at this point.