Jailbreak and install worked great for this windows user.

I know everyone is very upset about windows users not being able to do the install (me too)....but today I installed Firecore very easily using GreenPois0n all using my windows XP system.

I simply downloaded the latest release RC6.1 of Greenpois0n for Windows, ran the exe file, clicked "yes" at the prompt asking if I was jailbreakin ATV2, then followed the instructions on the screen.

Once it was completed, I reconnected the ATV2 to the TV and clicked on the new option showing "inject software", and it installed NitoTV and completed the jailbreak process.

Then I downloaded the latest ATV2Black Firecore software install package for Windows from my download section and followed the onscreen instructions.

Everything worked flawless and I have it all working fine. 

The wait is over!!!!!  and hopefullly some of the complaining happening on this forum too.

there are still issues with the USB ports on various computers, with varios cables, NOT being able to communicate to the APPLETV for the jailbreak.

spent three hours wrestling with this issue on a relative s computer recently.