jailbreak already seas0n pass jailbroken atv2 with greenp0isen

hm.. is that possible and when yes how? dont want to loose the very time intensive configuration of xbmc...

greez tom

Have read mixed reviews of that. But @nitotv on twitter (guy who did most of rc6 work for atv2) says do fresh install because confuses moved folders that occur as part of jailbreak. I’ve certainly noticed my atv2 root structure is different under greenpois0n than it was on seas0npass. Would suggest fresh install myself.

I think you should be able to back up xbmc settings though in theory. Of top of my head if you ssh into atv2 now and copy settings from /private/var/mobile/library/preferences/XBMC you should theoretically be able to them copy them back again. No guarantees though because I haven’t tried this myself.

Good luck!

thanks for the answer. that was very helpful and informative. i know about the backup of the xbmc stuff, but there is no guarantee that it really works... whats about jailbreaking with a future seas0n pass jailbreak that uses the greenp0isen exploit which is then of course also untethered? do you think the problem with the folders structure is than also given? maybe a firecore member could give a little statement if a new version of seas0n pass is able to update the existing jailbreak...